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Saturday, July 6, 2024

Stepping Up The Funk: F*nkytown's New Menu Launch

F*nkytown (pronounced Funkytown), the Sarnies Group's first cocktail bar concept, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new menu, promising an unforgettable journey of flavours rooted in locality and seasonality. The new offerings bring in heightened funkiness and celebrate popular funky South East Asian delicacies. Believing the future of cocktails needs to intertwine with sustainable practices, Group Beverage Manager Pae Ketumarn takes on closed-loop techniques and uses diverse ingredients responsibly sourced from across the region, exemplifying F*nkytown’s commitment to the cause.

Crafted Cocktails: A Journey of Textures

Texture plays a pivotal role in F*nkytown's cocktail alchemy, with the team employing various techniques to achieve depth and complexity. From fat washing and infusion to aeration and emulsification, each method enhances the drinking experience by manipulating ingredients in innovative ways. This results in cocktails that transcend conventional boundaries.

One of the standout creations is the Durian Colada, a tropical delight that elevates the classic piña colada with a daring twist. This punch features Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, jasmine rice essence, coconut, pineapple, and a bold durian float, delivering a truly unique and adventurous flavour profile. For those seeking a unique flavour experience, the Tom Yum Highball is a must-try. This inventive cocktail blends the vibrant essence of traditional Tom Yum soup with Tanqueray 10 gin, elderflower, yuzu brine, coconut, and nam prik pao—a Thai chilli jam enriched with shallots, garlic, shrimp paste, tamarind, fish sauce, and palm sugar—topped off with soda. The result is a refreshing and nuanced drink that embodies the inventive spirit of F*nkytown, offering a delightful twist on familiar Thai flavours.

The Tang Yuan features pistachio-infused rice milk, black sesame, osmanthus-infused shochu, and Horlicks, served hot or iced. Inspired by the traditional Chinese dessert of glutinous rice balls served in broth or syrup, this drink melds a blend of Asian and Western influences. It harmonises the nutty richness of pistachio with the nostalgic warmth of Horlicks, alongside the aromatic notes of black sesame and osmanthus-infused shochu. The result is a captivating fusion of flavours that offers a modern twist on a beloved Asian dish, promising a uniquely memorable experience.

Central to F*nkytown's approach is the Funk Level Scale— a distinctive feature that guides guests through the diverse range of flavours and textures offered. From subtle nuances to bold expressions, each cocktail is carefully calibrated to deliver a sensory journey that's both exciting and immersive. This scale serves as a roadmap, allowing guests to explore F*nkytown’s eclectic repertoire with confidence and curiosity.

Left to right: Durian Colada, Tang Yuan

Funky Culinary Innovations

On the food front, the new menu showcases dishes that highlight F*nkytown's commitment to quality and creativity. The Beef Tartare Cones is a modern, bite-size take on the classic French dish, featuring finely chopped Thai wagyu beef tartare stuffed in crispy cones and topped with a generous helping of caviar and smoked egg yolk. The Ox Cheek Crumpet features slow-cooked ox cheek, tonnato sauce—an Italian condiment made with anchovies, capers and canned tuna—pickles, and parmesan crumble, delivering rich and deep flavours that are both satisfying and sophisticated.

The Fried Chicken Claws bring a fun twist to classic comfort food. These crispy chicken claws are paired with Balinese raw sambal and secret chicken dust, creating a flavourful and unique dish. For the best experience, pair them with the Durian Colada. The creamy and tropical cocktail balances the spicy and crispy chicken, making for a delicious combination. 

To round off the meal, F*nkytown offers sweets like the delightful Pumpkin Seed Ice Cream with wasabi matcha sponge and pumpkin seed praline, or the rich and indulgent Lava Cheese Tart with comté, grana padano, gruyère, and coffee honey.

Left to right: Beef Tartare Cones, Fried Chicken Claws

Sustainability at the forefront

At F*nkytown, every item on the menu is crafted with care and passion, ensuring that each visit offers something new and exciting. The exceptional work and dedication of artisanal suppliers form the backbone of the menu.

F*nkytown has implemented a closed-loop system that repurposes ingredients, such as turning spent citrus peels into flavourful stocks and cordials. Ingredients, such as the teas used in the Long Island Thai tea and Dirty Mango, come from sustainable Sawanbondin Tea Farm in Chiang Rai. Meanwhile, the honey they used in the Blondie Sour and Penichillin comes from Supha Bee Farm, run by dedicated beekeepers in Chiang Mai. Additionally, the cacao nibs are from Siamaya Chocolate, which sources their cacao beans from Thailand and surrounding areas. By prioritising local and seasonal ingredients, F*nkytown celebrates Thailand's culinary diversity, supports local producers, and reduces its carbon footprint. 

F*nkytown is now open to the public and available for bookings online. Enter through Sarnies カフェ Sukhumvit and take the stairs until you see F*nkytown.

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